Kichurai A comix journal: Graduation Project at NID Andhra Pradesh


Ignore the this! A sound that a rich man wouldn’t want in his house, A poor man would sleep peacefully with. For some it gives chills down the spine, others don’t get effected and only few get lost trying to find it. Kichurai is that sound which comes out of unquenched thirst. It tries to pour out in many ways, only to beat a retreat. To suppress it is a sign of epilepsycal stagnation. You can’t move yet your insides start howling. An agitation disorienting and bombarding. At most to find that you don’t even realise the state of affairs you are dealing with. Sporadic spasms make you MAAR FOOTPATHWALEH KO!!! Nights yes only nights do that to you. Like a cricket you screech. you know nothing about your mates location. you screech to relay something A SCALPEL DIGS IN AND SCRAPES THE BONE— CONVULSIVE PAIN AND INSOMNIA a necessary darkness with no more distinction between night and day the screeches become nuisance. No one can articulate it. This sound is peculiar but indistinguishable, unclear. It’s found in meaningless markets, sterile paradigms, sophisticated life. Consider it News, literature or just plain cartoons or pure junk. Kichurai is not a publication trying to define its style. It just isn’t for classification but expression.

The tabloid

Unlike the comic book format the tabloid is wide and big, designed to hold more bits of information in a single platter. People can choose what they want to scan and the page environment acts as an ensemble. The size of it makes it a play ground for a comic book author. Its vast and the reader doesn’t have to tire himself by flipping more pages. Its not Beringer size big. This size factor supports reading without any hassle. The important issue with the size is its layout. While it gives enormous space for creative outbursts it needs to be understood thoroughly. Factors like serial and lengthy stories might consume the space making it boring and can get out of control.


First issue was part of my graduation project in college and was printed on newsprint. The thought of a Comic journalism magazineIt quite seems to be led by my personal motivations to look for opportunities to make comics that are engaging. I came across comic journalism through Orijith Sen’s River of Life and Joe Sacco’s Palestine start-ed as I was thinking about mediums that involve the author (Comic Artist) actively to make a parallel markets for his content. Comic books in the present day are rare and budget heavy and young authors try to price their work accordingly, this shoos away potential reader base. Until unless a platform for more frequent periodical formats are tried to find and create a market in India for alternative comics, the medium can’t flourish in it’s full capacity and involve the authours to expend their efforts for the same.


Issue#2 and the need for internet

Finding Tabloid size digital printer is adifficult. So, the only way I could test is to make mockups of layout of Tabloid size and get an idea. One way to test is by printing individuals articles and paste them on the newsprint mockup to get the idea of size structure and flow.

When Pandemic had it’s own plans and the 4000 copies of magzines were rotting under my bed. I had started to look at the brighter side of things by learning Htlm, CSS and githubbing.

Comics in digital spaces is an intersting field. There is still a lot to do. Though I couldn’t harness the world wide web’s complete potential, I hope to see myself making my work more accesible and opensource.

With modern technologies like git(version control system) I think a more nuetral editorialship can be achieved to make the magazine more sustainable. This way more people can collaborate making it democratic.




The complete documentation of theproject is emebdded here